Software Development

We specialise in web bespoke software development on many platforms.






If you are using Excel or something similar to manage your business processes and/or your communications you are almost certainly not operating at optimal efficiency. 

​This doesn't need to be the case, our web 
bespoke software can increase business efficiently, productively and communications.

Benefits of our software.


  • Save money

  • Save time

  • Instant reporting information

  • Integrates into other systems

  • Access your system online

​Whatever your business requirements at Wizardware we are here to help you

Machine Learning

We are currently offering free initial consultations for businesses to examine workflows and explore where bespoke systems can best integrate into a business to provide real benefits. Please click here to read more....


We are currently incorporating Neural Networks (ANN - Artificial Neural Network) into our new product engine, this will enable our product to actually learn systems, similar to how a person would learn a system, this is currently a hot technology topic with limitless possibilities for business application.


How can AI help your business? contact us to find out more.

Looking to create your own Cloud based web system using AI?..