Our Services

Bespoke Web Development

Wizardware bespoke development is all about creating a computer system for you, unique, and tailored to you.  Partnering with us allows your ideas to be combined with our creatively and technical excellence, providing you with exactly what you want.

We are passionate about delivering you a fantastic cutting edge solution.  We believe that great software begins with a comprehensive understanding of your business; we accomplish this by listening and collaborating with you, centring the development approach around you.

You may wish to break the system down into smaller modules to be developed and delivered over time, or you may want a more complex system such as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning - see our case study) system where several systems are combined into one system.

We have found that businesses can outgrow the use of technologies such as Excel; our bespoke systems allow new employees to more easily integrate into a team with a specialised dedicated software system,  we can audit all data or even have on-the-go mobile system integration and so much more.

Whatever you want Wizardware is flexible and dynamic and will go that extra mile for you.